Sewer Installation & Repair Services in Knoxville, Tennessee and Surrounding Metro Area


Comprehensive sewer services

Sewer lines and drains aren't always at the top of your list of concerns. But neglecting your sewer or drain can lead to serious and expensive plumbing problems. Regular checks of your sewer can help reduce more serious issues. Scott's Plumbing can inspect your sewer with our state of the art sewer camera and locator.

Contact Scott's Plumbing to check the sewer at your home or business today and provide any services you may need.
Drainage — Sewer Line in Knoxville, TN

We do the dirty work for you

We're equipped to handle the heavy-duty work that can be involved with sewer system service and haul away any excess dirt or concrete in our own dump trucks. Contact us at 865-687-2686 for all your sewer services.

Sewer services including installation and repairs

  • Sewer line installation and repair
  • Sewer video inspection
  • Sewer jetting services
  • Sewer tie-ins
  • New sewers
  • Sewer repair
  • Storm water drainage
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